Monday, January 10, 2011

Sick Day Music

The majority of us likely have a sick day routine, and I'd estimate that most of us incorporate a television into these plans. Whether its catching up with a TV series, inexplicably watching children's entertainment, or snuggling up with Bob Bark-erm...Drew...Carey, visual accompaniment is usually incorporated with vomiting uncontrollably.

Even I rarely incorporate music into the picture unless I'm having difficulty sleeping. But if I'm sick and struggling to count sheep, NyQuil takes precedence over soothing sounds.

I ask because today I am your test subject and target audience. I'm sick with the Gremlins: in addition to light sensitivity, I've eaten greasy tacos after midnight, and now my stomach is multiplying. Seemingly, I have five conditions for sick day music:
  1. Easy on anything with bass.
  2. No grating vocals. Preference is to be completely devoid of vocals.
  3. Post-rock, or songs that naturally crescendo, is desired.
  4. Cannot be better when listened to in headphones. (Today is not a headphones day.)
  5. No License to Ill puns as an answer.
Explosions in the Sky's The World is Not a Cold Dead Place seems to be the answer returned when completing this algorithm. Does anyone have any other suggestions? It's either that or...Drew...Carey.


Anonymous said...

I know you're asking for post-rock, but Miles Davis is lovely at low volume. Feel better soon!

Diana S. said...

The Album Leaf or Signal Hill. Feel better mjv :)