Monday, January 10, 2011

Frightened Rabbit

When bands have an amazing, near perfect album, following it up can be difficult. I think its even harder when the near perfect album has been written by someone who's dealing with heartbreak, who's life has been torn apart. I'm pretty confident that Justin Vernon won't be able to follow up 'For Emma, Forever Ago' with anything near as beautiful and heartfelt, and I was sure that Scott Hutchison from Frightened Rabbit would fall flat trying to create anything following on from what was my favourite album of 2008 'The Midnight Organ Fight'.
Luckily, he didn't fall on his face, he landed firmly on his feet and 2010's 'The Winter of Mixed Drinks' was a great album, and a different one, he didn't try to recreate, he just moved on. He moved on so much so that he and his band decided to cover the classic Elton John and Kiki Dee song, 'Don't go breaking my heart' as a double A side for their latest single. I heard it when I was rummaging through rails and rails of sale clothes a few days ago and decided that if i was going to spend a lot of money on clothes I don't need, and kind of don't really want, the least I could do was spend 79pence on iTunes and buy the single. So, as a preview, here it is in all its audio visual glory, live!

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