Monday, January 24, 2011

Lykke Li

If I look back, I can probably trace my shift in views on pop music back to 2008. Aged 25, I was moving away from the late teen/early 20's view that pop music was shit, and towards understanding its place in music. In the UK at that time, pop music was changing too. Yes, we still had the Top 40 and boy bands and Smash Hits, but there was an ever increasing number of pop acts coming through with musical credibility, appealing to a more mature, picky people. One of those artists was Lykke Li, who's debut album was fantastic, grown up quirky pop songs, and I'm waiting in eager anticipation for her second album which is released in March. Her first single from it was 'Get Some', and I just discovered this interesting remix of it from Beck. It takes the tribal drumming, give's it a bit of a flip and dirty's it up with some filthy guitars. Noice.

Get Some (Beck Remix) [mp3]

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