Thursday, December 2, 2010

CMJ Music Marathon: E-S Guthrie

E-S Guthrie is another artist that I was introduced to on the first night of CMJ. His set at the Living Room's Googie's Lounge was freewheeling and intimate and enticed me to snag a copy of his live record.

Live in the Neighborhood was recorded during an opening set for Colin Hay, and the two artists' sensibilities couldn't be a better match. The acoustic-slinging singer-songwriter is a well-worn archetype, and it takes a serious talent to develop a distinct voice when working within that form. Like Hay, Guthrie manages to convey what are sometimes conventional, potentially schmaltzy sentiments with a certain soulful sincerity, vision and wit that unearths the profound from the familiar. And his facility with words is bolstered by his impressive and immersive guitar work and arrangements.

The disc is currently only available at shows, but here are a few of the choice cuts:

Note to Self (live) [mp3]
Daydream (live) [mp3]
From the Ashes (demo) [mp3]

"Be nice to everybody, everybody."

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