Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saint Sea Hat

Just a few months ago, Saint Sea Hat was little more than a nebulous concept in the mind of frontman Matthew Salas.

His main stint as guitarist for LA indie rockers The Rhone Occupation winding down, Salas decided it'd be pretty effin' awesome to get a motley crew of musicians/friends/artists/creatives together, write some songs, tour up and down the West Coast over the summer, and conveniently touch back down in Silverlake for a welcome-home show just in time for his 31st birthday. Easy peasy.

Think M. Ward meets Death Cab with a veritable punch, and you've got Saint Sea Hat. Half a year after Salas hatched his plan, the band is a full-fledged, 7-member outfit with a set of demos, a recently released digital single and no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Check out "City Mouths" and "Less Is More" below, and listen to the "All The Time/I'd Be Lying" digital single here.

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