Monday, November 22, 2010

Newest Zealand

Lukasz from iSound over in Poland emailed us a few weeks back with what is apparently an album from the 'dream team of the Polish indie scene'. Not knowing much about that scene, I thought it would be worth a little investigation, and stuck Newest Zealand's album on repeat over a long drive through miserable weather across northern england. It was a good choice of album to listen to during such a boring dark, some may say 'grim' drive.

I sent an email back to Lukasz saying, "Just my cuppa tea, jangly guitars, upbeat, reminiscent of early Cardigans, that kinda light wonderful indie. Tremendous!". After sending I felt a pang of guilt and worry, how would he take my 'early Cardigans' reference, would he be someone who thought that they began their career with the overplayed and sicky 'Lovefool' or would he be someone who owned 'Life' and 'Emmerdale'? Thankfully it seems he had heard their first two albums, with Borys from the band saying he was "really happy with the 'early Cardigans' comparison - thats the kind of stylish elegant pop music we all love".

So, i breathed a deep sigh of relief and stuck on 'Nuke Nuke', one of the stand out tracks from Newest Zealands album, thats who I'm really talking about here, not making a post defending early Cardigans. Right click / save target as / copy to a media player / turn up the volume and enjoy

Nuke Nuke [mp3]

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