Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long Weekend Catch Up

Hope everyone had a fantastic, safe and long weekend - I know we did. To make up for our holiday absence, here's the catch up:

Solid Ground [mp3] (iTunes) - Chicago's Maps & Atlases release their debut album Perch Patchwork today after a string of promising EPs. Spearheaded by lead singer Dave Davison's fantastic vocals that sound like a young Randy Newman, the band produces an organic mix of upbeat pop, catchy hooks and electric backing that brines with substance.

The Holograms [mp3] (iTunes) - Fol Chen is sharing a second mp3 from their The New December, which is part two to the John Shade, Your Fortune's Made that was released last year. Jam-packed with crashes, bangs and ragtag puckish melodrama, this album is sure to leave you fizzy and oddly electrified.

Arrow [mp3] (iTunes) - Kathryn Calder, of New Pornographers fame, has emerged with her own debut solo album, Are You My Mother?, which physically releases August 10th. This is the second released mp3, a gentle lullaby backed by soft piano pulses and filled with bittersweet lyrics.

Why Won't You Stay? [mp3] - Around The World And Back has released a six-track sophomore album called Songs To Sleep To and this track sounds straight out of Coldplay's Parachutes. The echo-y sliding guitar upon the slight twang of beaten acoustic guitar strums to the lush reverberant tenor vocals is wonderfully familiar in that sense, but take solace in the fact that these boys also have a harder rock present in previous work that keeps them at bay from too many Coldplay comparisons.

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