Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New York Natives: Raccoon Fighter

It is my pleasure to introduce a Brooklyn trio, Raccoon Fighter, who have that particularly tantalizing pop-rock sound that is oh so perfect for rocking out driving down the highway with your windows down and the wind in your hair as you sing along and use the steering wheel as your drum set. I saw them play at the Knitting Factory on Tuesday night. They seem like a nice bunch of guys and they have a good energy. The sound mixing was not so stellar, but that obviously wasn't their fault.

Apparently their bass player is new, and the drummer, lead singer Sean Gavigan, used to play bass (I guess they lost their drummer and couldn't find a replacement so they switched up the line-up instead?), so now he and the guitarist switch between the drums and guitar because having the drummer as the lead singer is... hard to pull off. I would say they're better off with Sean being up front, but they still put on a good show, even when he was hidden behind the drums in the back. They're definitely worth checking out if you live in the NYC area. They have a show coming up at Cake Shop on April 30th. Here's a demo of my favorite of their songs:

Rolling Wheel [mp3] - Raccoon Fighter

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Seed said...

I have just passed a great hour or more playing through your HypeMachine tracks. thankyou! you are on my blogroll