Friday, April 23, 2010

New Anni Rossi single!

A new Anni Rossi single from my fellow Arts High School alumn, Anni Rossi. This is off her title TBA album that is due out this summer. I have to say I was very surprised. It's much more... produced... than her previous work. There's a lot electronic sounds in it, the uniqueness of her voice has had the edge taken off of it, so to speak, and her signature viola is hardly present in the song (on her previous albums, that was often the only instrument). Not that I don't like the song. It's quite poppy and fun - it's practically a dance song - and is already stuck in my head after just a few listens. But where is the experimental, sparse Anni Rossi that I've been following for 7 years now?

The lyrics are still very much in her style, but I feel like there's a disconnect with the music. I mean, this really sounded like someone else to me at first and I thought I had clicked on the wrong song. One of the main things I loved about her is her unique sound, the fact that she's not afraid to be a little weird, a little different. While I like the song, I felt like it could've be done by any number of artists. It didn't have that distinct Anni feel. It's kind of how I felt about Regina Spektor's last album... Like she can do better or doesn't need all this over-production and electronic crap because she is just so talented and her raw voice and music are what makes her stand out. But whatever. I will have faith in the album, and at the very least I am intrigued by what more is to come - will the rest of the album be similar to this song, or more similar to her previous work? And if this is the direction she's decided to go, will it work? Who knows, oftentimes change is good. We shall see...

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