Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Smitten With Smallen

Dave Smallen, formally of Street To Nowhere, has just released his first solo record Everything Changes and Nothing Change - well, finishing releasing it, that is. Smallen self-released his album one track at a time over the course of 2009, all the while garnering comparisons to Bright Eyes, Wilco and Counting Crows. The track below is not only a joy of disarmingly home-grown charm to listen to, it just gets better and better as the song progresses. In fact, I dare you not to shake your shoulders back and forth at the "sha-la-la-la" section. I've never had the pleasure to see him live, but judging by his music, it sounds like he'd be a blast in concert. If you like well-grounded acoustic alternative rock numbers that contain smart licks, honest laments and a pinch of hootenanny for good measure, then you'll love Dave Smallen.


Shiying! said...

I Looooove Dave Smallen!
I was ridiculously excited to see him on the home page of Hype Machine. :P
(Es where I stumbled upon your blog)

Sadly, I have not seen him live either (Why do I not live in the bay area?)

birdykins said...

Definitely makes me smile. Thanks for this...