Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kina Grannis Full-Length Debut: Stairwells

Not only does she write super sweet Valentines Day pop numbers, but today singer-songwriter Kina Grannis drops her debut full-length album Stairwells. With a voice startling similar to Ingrid Michaelson's on many tracks, Kina explores the different facets of love, from the sure and secure "Valentine" to the heart-wrenching softly sung plea "Stay Just A Little While." "Back To Us" is a ukulele-strummed jaunty stroll that affirms that if you love, then love will come back to you, while "Heart And Mind" is a gentle picked guitar and warm cello number that admits how scary it is to say those three words. The album itself is chock-full of extremely accessible pop numbers, practically dripping with primetime television destiny (*cough*Grey's Anatomy*cough*) and sweetly caressing with its authentic love-riddled past - which proves to be its greatest strength. In Stairwells, Kina is able to take the exact thoughts that anyone in a relationship has had and weave them together with clarity and pitch-perfect sincerity. The end result is a promising album laced with velvet vocals, beautiful pop ballads and spot-on encapsulation of the ups and downs of love.

Valentine [mp3]
World In Front Of Me [mp3]
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