Monday, January 18, 2010

Minnesota Monday: We Are The Willows

Originally from Eau Claire, WI, Peter Miller moved to Minneapolis for college and then spent the next six years enveloping himself in the excellent music scene, performing and writing everywhere he went. As a result, he began We Are The Willows, a folk-pop exploration and one of Miller's two musical projects (the other being the indie-rock band Red Fox Grey Fox.) He released his debut EP Bravery, Bravery in 2007 and his debut album A Collection Of Songs And Something Like The Plague in 2009. The debut album consists of a collection of sounds recorded from various places across the state, from "kids having a wild rumpus," to the light rail, to folks chit-chatting in the May Day cafe, and feature Miller's fragile-yet-unwavering Sigur Ros-esque falsetto vocals. The songs seem to take on a life of their own, expanding and evolving with each listen, so give it a try.

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