Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drink Up Buttercup - Born and Thrown on a Hook

Drink Up Buttercup is finally coming out with their first full-lenth album. Due to be released on March 23rd, the band is also releasing a live video of every song on the album on their website - one song each week (starting last week), culminating with the albums release.

The album is, well, exactly what I expected - noisey, catchy, full of mischief and ruckus - and all in all it embodied everything I love about them. Having seen Drink Up Buttercup perform on several occasions, I am familiar with most of the songs on the album by now. Plus it has most if not all of the songs from their early demo/EP (not sure it was ever officially released) on it, which makes me happy. I like to describe them as "Sargent Pepper at a creepy circus." I have written so much about them already, I'm not really sure what else to say except for BUY IT IN MARCH. Ok? Ok.

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Chaz said...

The video on their site right now is great. Good looks on this one.