Monday, January 25, 2010

Days Away

The amount of bands I've been finding out about lately who have already broken up is driving me crazy. Days Away was around for 10 years--they broke up in 2008--and I'm not sure how I missed hearing of them until now. Because they've been broken up for a few years now it's a little tough to find much about them on the interwebs, but I thought I'd bring them up anyway because they put out some solid music. Described as a progressive rock band, they're heavy on the guitar and Keith Goodwin's soft lead vocals are a great compliment to the music.

Like most breakups, this one spawned more music in the band Good Old War, so hope is not all lost.


Anonymous said...

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dantim said...

The breakup of Days Away is a damn shame. I was lucky enough to see them in a 100 cap. venue a few years ago, then smoke a fatty with them after the show. For whatever reason, their music was never heard by most people, and it's unfortunate because their last album was incredible. I'm glad to see people still talking about them. Good Old War is ok, but it's no Days Away.