Saturday, December 19, 2009

This Day & Age

Well I'm back from taking my 3rd round of law school finals, or in other words, the 3rd level of hell. Now back to that which I love the most: good music.

This Day & Age was a band that I really liked a few years ago. It was a short-lived relationship because shortly after I found them, they broke up. As sad of a moment as it was, it has resulted in two new bands as the former members have recently started making music again, and those bands will be featured shortly.

Back to This Day & Age. They released a few albums, my favorite being Always Leave the Ground. From that album come my favorite songs which will be included at the end of the post. You could compare them to bands such as Waking Ashland or Rookie of the Year. Enjoy these few songs, and hopefully you'll come back and check out highlights from the new projects that have emerged in their wake.

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