Friday, December 18, 2009


One of the movies I have been most looking forward to being released this year is the star-studded musical Nine. I love musicals. My ultimate dream is to direct a musical someday. And considering that Chicago is one of the only recent movie musicals to come out that I actually liked (Rent sucked, Phantom of the Opera was laughable, Hairspray was ok), I was excited to hear that director Rob Marshall would be directing Nine. I was even more excited when an advanced copy of the soundtrack for Nine appeared in my mailbox.

It's hard for me to really get attached to the soundtrack without having seen the movie. But the soundtrack reassures me that the movie is going to live up to my expectations. There aren't any already-known classics like with Chicago, because it just isn't as established a musical as Chicago, but I think Fergie singing "Be Italian," which is featured in the trailer, will be a standout hit. I was also pleased to see The Noisettes make an appearance on the soundtrack. The soundtrack is available digitally now and comes out in stores on Dec. 22nd. The film comes out Christmas day, and I am going to escape family stuff for long enough to see it.

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