Monday, November 30, 2009

Predictions: Mad Men Music

I spent my thanksgiving holiday watching all three seasons of Mad Men so I could finally understand the hoopla over season 3's finale (and to appreciate BWE's brilliant recaps). After countless hours watching Jon Hamm being a terrible human being but not hating him because he is still f'in Jon Hamm, I realized that I very much enjoyed the show's credit music. It stands out in an almost eerie way due to the fact that music isn't really used throughout the show, making the use of a single closing number stick with you.

When I first heard Piney Gir, all I could think about was how perfect her songs were for Mad Men. The waltz-y uke and mandolin-infused track below, "Of All The Wonderful Things" is the debut single off her latest release, The Yearling, which features electronic pop, wistful jazz and pop-folk influences. Take a listen and let me know if you agree.


Blas said...

Wow great find! A sweet feel good song with a very playful tone.. who is the male singer? kind of sounds like sondre lerche but not really..

Lise said...

The male singer is the Brakes' Eamon Hamilton.