Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cloud Cult releases double disc re-issue

One of my favorite MN bands, Cloud Cult, is releasing a double-disc reissue of two of their earliest albums: They Live on the Sun (2003) and Aurora Borealis (2004). Although this isn't just a straight reissue. The two albums have been "re-envisioned, remixed and remastered for the first time by Cloud Cult's Craig Minowa" and will contain previously unreleased bonus tracks. For a long time, the albums have only been available for purchase at live gigs and select Independent record stores. Now it will be available to everyone and is being offered for presale right now on their website.

While I haven't actually heard the original albums and therefore can't make a comparison of the re-issue to the originals, I can say that this re-issue contains all of the drama, beauty and sadness that have caused many people to fall in love with Cloud Cult's music. It's less orchestral and a little more rock 'n' roll (particularly They Live on the Sun) than some of their more recent releases, but it is still just as heartwrenching and lovely. Here are some mp3s to stream:

"It" - They Live on the Sun

"Breakfast With My Shadow" - Aurora Borealis

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