Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ramona Falls

Ramona Falls is the solo side project of Menomena's Brent Knopf and I must say that I have huge respect for those who are in a great band and go on to produce something of their own with the same amount of dedication and talent. In case you missed it, Ramona Falls celebrated its debut release earlier in August with Intuit, a collection of swirling and tortuously layered masterpieces. The more I listen to the album, the more I fall in love with it. It follows along the vein of other beloved bands like Loney Dear and Grizzly Bear, but at the same time there are many many moments when Knopf takes it all to a completely different level that thrills me - like the addition of fast light beats about a minute in "Russia" or the playing of rhythm with the twangy southern guitar in "I Say Fever" before it is transformed into a fuzzy slight grunge-rock anthem. There are so many well-crafted pieces in this one, I highly recommend checking it out and purchasing the album.

Russia [mp3] (iTunes)
Melectric [mp3] (iTunes)


binghott said...

ramona falls is great! i'm a huge fan of menomena and love this solo attempt. i'm a tad displeased that this appears to be the first mention of menomena on this blog. i'm also surprised to see a review of ramona falls without mentioning menomena's other solo project, lackthereof. ramona falls and lackthereof have been fulfilling my menomena void.

Em said...

We have mentioned Menomena once (albeit briefly) but artists aren't usually listed in the "browse by artist" until they are mentioned a few times on the blog because we have written about way too many artists to include every artist we've written about once in that list. Glad you're a fan of Ramona Falls, and thanks for the heads up about lackthereof.