Friday, September 4, 2009

Flashback Friday: Plus Fair.

This is an extremely quick post today, because I need to rush out the door to go met Em for our traditional Minnesota State Fair excursion. In honor of the state fair, I looked up the word "fair" on my itunes and decided to post the two tracks below, the David Byrne one because for me, that's a blast from the past, and the Ann Reed one for obvious reasons, but please note that the fair isn't really that Country. Have a fantastic friday everyone, and I hope to see you fellow Minnesotans eating deep fat fried food on a stick later today (I will be the girl with the Beer on a Stick in one hand and the AMAZING butter-drenched corn on the cob in the other.)

My Fair Lady - David Byrne [mp3]
My Minnesota State Fair - Ann Reed [mp3]

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