Friday, July 24, 2009

The Working Title

The Working Title is an apt name for a band that’s songs range from folky, dramatic ballad to gritty rock number to screaming percussive head-bang-worthy punk. Just when you think you can define their sound, they change it up. They have everything from the down-and-dirty guitar stylings of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, to the driving percussion and piano of White Rabbits, to the "can’t help but tap your foot" poppiness of Spoon, the drama of Queen, the childrens’ toy sounds of Psapp, the beautiful boy-girl vocal harmonies of Mates of State (yes, I know there's no girl pictured here but I swear she's on the album), and I’m sure I could go on but hopefully you get the point.

Even in just my first listen through of this CD, I was thinking to myself “where has this band been all my life?” It’s as if they took aspects from many of the bands I love and put them all into one band just for me. Honestly, I like almost every song on their album and I find it incredibly hard to believe that this Charleston band that so quickly stole my heart was abandoned by Universal Records ("they parted amicably" after the release of their first full-length record). Then again, The Working Title in its new independent form also only has one of its original members, so perhaps this release is different (no, I haven’t searched it out yet, though I will).

The band's sophomore release, Bone Island, has been available digitally for a while but has only become available through good ol' fashioned physical distribution as of July 21st.

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