Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obligatory Uke Song: Elliott BROOD

We all know by this point that I'm in love with ukulele, so it should come to no surprise that I immediately fell for the folk-rock Elliott BROOD, a band that features the uke on their successful album Mountain Meadows. The BROOD have just been selected as one of the top 10 candidates for the Polaris Prize Shortlist, a Canadian award that selects one album to be considered the best Canadian album of the year. The song is also perfect for those breezy summer days, whether you're out cleaning your garage, hanging with friends, barbecuing or what have you. For those uke-inclined, the tabs can be found at my favorite uke website, the ukehunt.

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Woodshed said...

Thanks very much for the shout-out. Glad you like the blog.