Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Predictions: Dala

The very first thing I thought when I heard this Toronto duo, Dala, was that they would definitely be perfect for the show Grey's Anatomy. The duo have apparently been BFFs since high school and started writing songs together in 2002. They're also pretty big in Canada from the looks of it. Some of the ballads are really beautiful and dramatic (perfect for those emotional life-and-death scenes) and then there's the playful "Levi Blues" that reminded me of other playful girl music that has been used in the show like Bitter:Sweet or Meko. I have to admit some of their songs are a tad bit cheesy if you listen to the lyrics, but I don't think this would matter in terms of soundtrack, and sometimes it's fun to let yourself be absorbed into slightly cheesy sentiments.

Levi Blues [mp3] - (iTunes)

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