Thursday, June 11, 2009

Art Brut to begin 4-night stand in Los Angeles

Eddie Argos, frontman for those crazy English rockers Art Brut, once sang about all the fun stuff he'd do if he ever moved to LA. Well, next week might be his chance to drink Hennessy with Morrissey, get a tattoo (why can't you do that in England?) or strip naked to the waist and ride up and down Sunset Strip (his words, not mine).

Art Brut will be in LA for 4 days next week, from June 16-19 -- Tues/Wed/Thurs at Spaceland (21+), and Friday night just around the corner at The Echo (18+, for you youngins who just discovered rock 'n' roll). Tickets are $13 in advance and $15 day of show, for all 4 dates.

They're a real get-your-rocks-off, clanging guitars and banging drums-type band, the kind that will make you want to start your own if you haven't already. Argos' brand of talk-singing is also kinda charming. I'm only really familiar with their 2005 debut Bang Bang Rock N Roll, but their latest effort Art Brut vs. Satan just came out this spring, so I'm sure they'll have lots of new songs on the setlist. If I wasn't spending all of next week in New York I'd definitely be there myself, if only to stand in front of the man as he yells, "I'VE SEEN HER NAKED, TWICE!"

"Moving To LA" - [mp3]
"My Little Brother" - [mp3]

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