Friday, May 29, 2009

Almost and Always David Mead

David Mead is coming out with his fifth full-length release Almost and Always in late August and for those of you who need some new upbeat and easygoing music in your lives, check out this one. Mead’s pleasant vocals sail across the laid-back instrumentation of classical guitar, percussion, strings, piano, and my favorite, the ukulele, all the while containing intriguing chord progression and vocal tone that echoes the sound of the Beatles on tracks like “Little Boats,” “Twenty Girls Ago” and “Gramercy Vaudeville.” While the album never gets going enough to be considered danceable, it does allow for a little toe-tapping here and there, and Mead’s vocal talent soothes in such a manner that I’m inclined to label it all as “easy listening indie.” I’m pretty sure the amazing old folks that Lauren posted just the other day would also enjoy this one. He’s coming out with National Tour dates soon, so keep an eye out for that, cause talent like this in a live setting can only be amazing.

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