Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fastball - Where are they now?

Remember Fastball? Yeah, the band made infamous by "The Way" and who managed to squeeze out one more hit ("Out Of My Head") before they kind of faded out of the limelight. Well, guess what! They still exist! In fact, a friend of mine hung out with them at SXSW and mentioned to me that they were coming out with a new album on April 14th, so I knew I had to get my hands on it. The album is called Little White Lies, and it is actually their 5th album (All The Pain Money Can Buy, their big hit album, was their 2nd album). So despite being a little less in the spotlight, they've been chugging away steadily ever since.

I have to say, listening to Little White Lies, Fastball hasn't really changed much. Their guitars still sound like they came out of the soundtrack to a '70s country western/crime movie. They've got that poppy '90s beat. Plus their sound also kind of reminds me of one of my favorite local Minnesota bands, The Honeydogs. So of course, the second the album started playing, I was immediately transported back to 7th grade in Minneapolis and I am suddenly very nostalgic for the '90s. Little White Lies is a solid, pleasant album to listen to, and the title track and first single from the album is pretty catchy, but I don't think there are any stand out hits like "The Way." However, it's nice to know that the band has stuck around and hasn't become a VH1 Behind-the-Music cliche that has a couple big hits and then explodes in the brightness of their own fame to a tragic and very public downfall.

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Governor of Utah said...

The Way is a bewtiching tune. These guys cut a deal with the devil. Thanks for the info!