Monday, March 2, 2009

Meet Bridget Barkan

So last week I posted about an event that I was promoting, and at said event Bridget Barkan was one of the performers. I have to say, I was even more impressed than I expected to be. She has such a rich, powerful voice. Some of her songs are hauntingly beautiful and the ones that aren't are fun. Her voice shines in all of them, no matter what style of song. She is one of those performers who makes it look so easy. So many people would give just about anything to be able to sing like this girl (I know I would). Not to mention she's super sweet, gorgeous and engaging in between songs. By the end of her set, I promise you'll want to be BFFs with her. Definitely keep your eye out for her here in New York City. I wouldn't be surprised if she explodes onto the scene very suddenly, even though right now she seems to be flying kind of under the radar. You can keep up to date with her at her own newly started blog.


Anonymous said...

I definitely agree... I have seen Bridget perform a couple of times and have found myself humming her songs after her shows. She is original and has an amazing soulful voice with beautiful lyrics that captivates her audience. She is definitely someone to look out for and is on her way to being a huge success!

Anonymous said...

Bridget Barkan is an amazing singer, writer and friend. She is an inspiration to others. Her talent has brought many people together. God bless her.