Sunday, October 26, 2008


Considering how much I love Britney and all the drama that comes with her, I always seem to be a little behind. I guess I don't pay enough attention to tabloids and haven't been spending enough time on the blog scene lately, because I only this weekend found out that Britney came out with a new single when I heard it played at a club. Here are my thoughts:

Cons: her voice sounds even worse and more digitized than usual. It's a little repetitive. It's also a little too simple.

Pros: It's a little repetitive and simple (the public seems to like that - it makes the song easy to sing along to?), it's catchy, it's got a good dance beat.

I'm sure, like most of Britney's songs, it will grow on me the more I listen to it. I'm also glad she's sticking to dance music, which is what she does best, and not trying to come out with ballads or something.

Womanizer [mp3] - (iTunes)

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