Sunday, October 19, 2008

Schuyler Fisk @ the Casbah in San Diego, CA

Rock the Casbah, my friends.

While I was in San Diego, I went to the infamous and intimate Casbah to hear Schuyler Fisk, one of my favorite musicians, perform. The opener was a girl named Sharon Little, who just got done opening for Robert Plant & Alison Krauss on tour. I had never heard Sharon Little’s voice before and was shocked by the raspy richness that this little gypsy girl possessed. The thing that kept going through my mind as I listened to Sharon’s robust voice was “Joss Stone is the poor man’s Sharon Little.” The girl had pipes, but just as you thought she was going to storm the venue with a sonorous boom, she’d pull back. The result was a slightly disappointing feeling but a deep crave for more. Simply stated, she's absolutely addicting. For those new to Sharon Little, I'd recommend listening to "Follow that Sound" on her myspace. Sharon will be heading to Minneapolis Oct 29th as part of the nation wide "vote for love" tour with Matt White.

Even though Matt White was set to perform after Schuyler, it was apparent that most people were there for the Fisk. Schuyler came on stage with some amazing sparkly pumps, grabbed a guitar, and started things off with the poppy “I Don’t Belong To You Anymore.” Her band, consisting of a bass, drums, keys, glockenspiel and banjitar, accompanied her on her usual guitar-only songs like “Hello,” which was slightly off-putting but not displeasing, as they added new elements that transformed the song into a more grand affair. Clearly comfortable in her songs, Schuyler’s smooth voice grazed along the waves of melody and raised to great heights at the swells of each phrase. All in all, Schuyler performed 9 songs and one encore (in which she graced us with a rare piano performance), and I had a great time. Schuyler has two shows coming up in West Hollywood at the Troubadour in the next two months, so if you are in area, I would definitely attend.

Unfortunately, I had to head out before Matt got on stage, but he's got plenty of shows coming up with Sharon Little that you should all look into. Before I left, I was able to pick up the Schuyler Fisk EP One World, Be Kind that is ONLY available for purchase at her shows.

Here's a track from it.

I Don't Belong To You Anymore [mp3]

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Anonymous said...

Hey, what were you doing in CA?

Lise said...

Decided it was time to go on a road trip, and the destination of choice this round was the west coast. It was fab and I recommend it to everyone.