Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maggie Walters

Maggie Walters is an Austinite who sings sincerely and sweetly alongside her thrashy guitars, using well-crafted lyrics that are so spot-on and honest, they seem to come straight from the pages of a diary. In her latest album, Midwestern Hurricane, Maggie incorporates a rough acoustic sound with the use of pedal steel, dobro, electric and acoustic guitars, allowing her sweet voice to counter while she innocently states harsh truths such as "he just stands by and he makes me cry/ like this is what dreams are made of." "Under the Table" is my favorite of the album, radiating that popular catchy indie-pop vibe with a dash of late 90's acoustic pop thrown in, but other fan favorites include "Fingerprints" and "Girls Like Us." The overall sound of the album is reminiscent of Garbage with a pinch of Sarah Sharp, and it has slowly but surely taken me over the more and more I listen to it.


Anonymous said...

I've been listening to Maggie Walters for a long time and she rocks! I'm glad to know she is becoming more known. :D

jenny said...

dude i heard maggie has a new album coming out this summer, i'm so excited