Monday, October 6, 2008

Automatic Drawing

The LA band formerly known as Streets on Fire has released a new EP under their new name, Automatic Drawing. But no worries - despite the change in name, their music still has the same sound and even two of the same songs. The EP is called "The Captain and the Sea EP" and I'd say that the title track is my favorite. It's laid back and a tad bit melancholy, but catchy and with a poppy, dramatic flair. While I do miss the complimentary gentle boy/girl vocals that are present on the two tracks carried over from the old EP but not on the three new tracks, I think the new EP is overall pretty solid. And I don't believe they intend to entirely abandon the male/female vocal stylings of their earlier songs.

Check them out and vote for them as The Deli magazine's next LA artist of the month here.

The Captain and the Sea [mp3]

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