Thursday, September 6, 2007

Streets On Fire

I'm back in NY. Vacation over. I start my new job tomorrow. And so my "adult life" has, I guess, officially begun. Joy. Anyway, music...

LA-based Streets On Fire formed in late June of this year (according to their myspace), so I was quite impressed when my friend Diana recently informed me they'd finished their first 4-song EP - just three short months later.

My first thought upon listening to them was that they sound like a less-polished version of Stars (that's not an insult because they're still such a young band and will, I'm sure, only get better and more cohesive as a group). Their music is very mellow, like much of Stars' music. Plus, the male-female singing combo reminds me of Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan - and their vocal quality is, in my opinion, kind of similar too. Although, no offense to Maria Martin of SoF, but Amy Millan has a really unique, beautiful and unmatchable voice, so it's kind of hard for me to compare anyone to her. I think what's similar about the vocal quality of all the singers, in both Stars and SoF, is the kind of lightness with which they sing - they all sound so at ease, which is nice to listen to.

My second thought was that I actually really like all four of their songs, which is a rare occurrence - especially when they're as calm as these four songs are (as you may have noticed, I tend to prefer upbeat music, or at least a nice mixture of upbeat and mellow). But this is really great music to just chill out to.

So, in conclusion, check them out. They're brand spankin' new, the epitome of indie for all you indie music snobs out their (they are not yet signed to any label and they paid for all of the recording out of their own pockets), and I think they show a lot of promise. I will post some songs, even though all four songs from their EP are available for download free on their myspace.

The War [mp3] - Streets on Fire
We're Not From This Town [mp3] - Streets on Fire

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