Monday, September 29, 2008

Julius C @ The Knitting Factory

Thursday night I went to see Julius C perform at the Knitting Factory. It was kind of a repeat of the music/art thing at Crash Mansion that I went to a while back, as it was a few of the same bands and painters. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for the insanely talented Consider The Source or the fun, sassy Mugwump Collective. But it was good to see Julius C again and to hear a few of their new songs. It wasn't their best performance (in lead singer Jay's words, "a lot of things went wrong") - Jay's guitar didn't work for one, plus they were missing their awesome guitar player Kate and they got cut off really early for some unclear reason and thus skipped over 3 songs. But they had their usual infectious energy and the new stuff they did get to play made me look forward to hearing more of it in the future.

More pictures here.

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