Monday, August 4, 2008

Jukebox The Ghost @ Union Square

Yesterday after work, I wandered over to Union Square to see Jukebox the Ghost play a free show in the hot hot sun (at least it wasn't raining I guess). It was a relatively small set up and for some reason people kept their distance from the stage until half way through the set when Jukebox the Ghost asked people to come closer.

I was very excited to finally get to see them play. I've been meaning to for a while but kept missing them. I enjoyed myself immensely. They were everything I hoped they would be - fun and silly and very talented. Pianist and singer Ben Thornewill in particular is very dramatic in his performance and he makes some pretty amazing faces (see left). Plus he was wearing really cool socks. They had a good energy and they made fantastic, mildly awkward conversation in between songs. It made me want to be best friends with them. They played a nice long set, just over an hour. They played all my favorites (Good Day, Hold It In, Lighting Myself On Fire, Victoria, Under My Skin) and a new song or two, plus a Beatles medley as their finale. All in all, a highly enjoyable after-work experience.

More photos HERE.

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