Friday, July 11, 2008

St. Vincent @ Castle Clinton

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a concert by the sea and a beautiful day to get out of the office and go wait in line, so I headed down to Battery Park to see St. Vincent perform for free in Castle Clinton. I also got the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Kate of Julius C while waiting in line for seats, so that was cool. AND I managed to snag a really good seat. Hooray!

Annie Clark and her 6-piece band came out in all white, looking very summery. She looked very cute in her dress with over-sized sunglasses on. The show was great. There were no openers, but St. Vincent played a nice long set (just over an hour, with Annie being adorable and talking to the audience in between a few songs). It was a very laid back, calm show, but it was perfect for the day and the weather. There was a nice sea breeze blowing, and I swear at times the wind swelled with the music (which had a pretty effect on the silver strips hanging from the keyboard).

They played mostly songs off of her album from last year but they also played a few new songs, which was cool to hear. Apparently Annie has been listening to a lot of Prince lately, and so one of the songs was inspired by that. It also made me really happy when she said that she partially named her 2007 album, "Marry Me," after a line from her favorite show (which also happens to be mine), Arrested Development. They played favorites like Marry Me, Paris is Burning and they did Your Lips Are Red for the encore (she prefaced it by saying "so I want to leave you tonight with a nice little song... about murder"). She has great stage presence. It's hard to take your eyes off of her. Although her wild hair was in her face a lot, and I wished we could see more of her face sometimes. But I suppose her wild hair is part of her character.

More pictures here.

Paris is Burning [mp3] - "Marry Me" (iTunes)

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Lise said...

bah! I'm jealous. If only I lived in new york...