Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Locksley @ The Knitting Factory

On Saturday I went to see a small free show at The Knitting Factory, where Locksley was apparently taping some type of "get out the vote" like segment for MTV. While they were still wearing their usually tight pants, button up shirts and suspenders, this time they were decked out in red, white and blue instead of black and white. It was kind of nice to see them add a little color to their wardrobe, and they still looked as stylish as ever.

It was a nice, small, intimate show reminiscent of the first time I saw them not quite a year ago at After the Jump, despite the presence of video cameras and Locksley's new-found rock star personas. They've come a long way in that very short time and while they definitely deserve everything they've achieved, I hope that it doesn't start going to their heads. Then again, I guess I'm not surprised they would act like rock stars with the cameras and the screaming high school girls (it was an all ages show). It once again reminded me of a Beatles concert, not to mention people fighting over Jesse's tie that he threw out into the audience at the end.

Anyway, Locksley put on a great show with all their classic catchy pop tunes, despite the teeny tiny stage that left them very little room to move around. They had their usual insane amounts of energy and still managed to jump around plenty. Particularly bass player Jordan, who kept leaping off the drum set and leaning into the audience. But I have to say he went a little too far when he spit out a mouth full of water onto the audience. Gross. I don't care if you're freaking Bob Dylan or some other mega legend - I don't want your spit on me, thanks. I guess I'm just worried that they're getting too rock-starish. They keep adding little gimmicks to their performance, little rock star behaviors like Jesse covering Kai's eyes while he solos or spraying water all over the audience. I don't want them to lose the high energy pop simplicity of their original style that was so much fun to watch and didn't need gimmicks. So Locksley, please don't let the fame go to your heads. You're already a great band without all that flashy rock star behavior. And while I realize that's probably a lot of fun for you, at the very least, please don't spit on your audience, thanks.

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