Friday, July 18, 2008

Greg Laswell

A friend contacted me the other day wondering if I knew anything about the latest from Greg Laswell. Turns out that this past July 8th, Greg Laswell released his most recent album, Three Flights from Alto Nido. Laswell was once described to me as "like Coldplay, but without the pretentiousness," and that is something I still find true today. I also think that he sounds what Coldplay could've been like if they were lead by Andrew Bird - there's a ridiculous and fresh quirk to Laswell's music.

Laswell creates songs that are driven by a melancholy atmosphere coupled with a thriving uplifting beat that captures the listener. He's engaging, fresh, and euphonic. I'm also absolutely in love with the man's artistic style- his photos and music videos are dark and dramatic as well as creative. If someone told me that he was behind the imagery of the movie Big Fish, I wouldn't doubt it. Sing, Theresa Says, from a previous album, is my personal favorite so I'll be posting that alongside two from his newest album.

And Then You [mp3] itunes

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