Thursday, July 24, 2008

Georgie James

Have you ever been driving your car home when a song catches your ear, but you're practically there by the time the song comes on, so you pull into and stay in the driveway while you listen to the song for a bit longer?

Georgie James did that for me. The dynamic duo of John Davis and Laura Burhenn focus on melody and harmonies in their songs in a poppy musical structure while maintaining an indie rock sound. Laura has a wonderfully sweet and strong voice that shines on indie-pop songs like Cake Parade while John has a broad range that is better suited for their indie-rock songs like More Lights. In many ways I think of them as a modern Sonny & Cher (especially on Places). Their last CD came out in September of 07, and they are currently taking a break from touring. Back in December, NPR gave Georgie James a challenge: write and record a new song in two days (read more about it here). NPR filmed the process, put it together as a music video, and now it looks like it has received an Emmy nomination. At any rate, if you're looking for a new song this summer to blast out your window, check them out.

Places [mp3] (itunes)

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