Friday, June 6, 2008


This song I'm about to post I discovered just because someone called it "the best song of the year"...of course that intrigued me. On my first listen, the song didn't sound that enticing, but after the second time...well, I literally cannot stop listening to it. It has been on repeat on my itunes for the last week, and I have already figured out how to play it on guitar. I love this song.

KaiserCartel consists of the amazing duo of Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel and both hail from Brooklyn. In 2004, KaiserCartel loaded up their Toyota Prius (named "Gertie") and started touring around the nation. Their first EP, Double Standard, carries the wonderful song "Okay" that I absolutely find perfect and can't say enough about. Give it a listen and make sure to watch the youtube video.

Okay [mp3] (iTunes)

KaiserCartel is also releasing a new CD, March Forth, on June 10th, so check it out if you like their sound!

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