Sunday, June 8, 2008

Community Gun

Community Gun is a very very very independent four person rock band currently residing in Highland, NY (near Poughkeepsie) where they have apparently been living the "glamorous" starving artist lifestyle in a turn of the century house with no running water or heat. They're so independent, in fact, that they don't have any pictures of the four of them together besides the blurry on on their myspace. Two of them - Cove Aaronoff (vocals) and Josh Bass (guitar) - met at a Dylan concert a few years ago and started writing songs together. Bassist Sam Wolk and drummer Teddy Marsh joined them at some point later. They recorded a 6-song EP in a friend's basement, and while you can definitely tell that they lack production value, I have to say they exhibit a great deal of promise and talent.

Their music reminds me of a less polished Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - gritty rock 'n' roll with a hint of blues and country. There's a trace of punk rock in there too (although that might just be because it was recorded in a basement and doesn't have the highest production value...). The EP, despite it's lack of packaging and cover art, is pretty solid. The songs are catchy and I can't help but rock out to them. And honestly, considering it was recorded in a friend's basement, the production value wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. I've heard much worse production value from artists who really have no excuse for it (I know some people go for that "sound" but I think that's a poor choice on any musician's part). Also, it seems as if they know their production value needs some improvement, so they get bonus points for that.

Community Gun is definitely a band to keep an eye out for. They're already on the rise - they're moving to Brooklyn in September, for example (and everyone knows that Brooklyn is the place to be).

Ain't Quite Like Before [mp3]
Midnight Moses and Elaine [mp3]

Download or listen to the whole EP for free here (or on their myspace)

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