Friday, September 7, 2007

Dance Party - 9.7.07

Sorry to be updating so late today. It was the "first day of the rest of my life" as they say (first day of my new job). Also, I apologize for not doing a Theme Thursday yesterday. When I go on vacation, I lose track of time, so I totally didn't realize yesterday was Thursday and thus I did not do a Theme Thursday. Oops. Oh well. Considering that's the one thing I did do while I was on vacation, I don't feel that bad. Leave me theme ideas for next week though!

And now it's dance music time.

First, a song I've been meaning to post for a while now but haven't for one reason or another: Don't Give Up [mp3] - Noisettes - "What's the Time Mr. Wolf?" (iTunes). I'm still kicking myself that I missed them performing at Siren...

Second, in honor of the salsa dancing I did in MN (and would like to continue doing in NY but probably won't because I don't know anyone who will go with me) and one of my best friends who loves this movie a lot: Come Baby Come [mp3] - Elvis Crespo and Gizelle D'Cole - "Center Stage Soundtrack" (iTunes)

Third, in honor of my mom who - even though I've been back in NY less than 48 hours - won't stop calling/emailing me to tell me how much she already misses me. She is one of the biggest indie music snobs I know (and she thinks she's a punk rocker. It's really adorable), and she inadvertently introduced me to this song: Shim Sham [mp3] - Imperial Teen - "The Hair the TV the Baby and the Band" (iTunes)

And finally, because I played this song at a party last night and got a lot of positive reactions: Six Barrel Shotgun [mp3] - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Take Them On, On Your Own" (iTunes). This song is a six barrel shotgun's worth of energy, that's for sure. I know I've posted a few other songs by them, but I am just loving me some BRMC, and the more I listen to it the more I like it.

Happy Friday everyone! Tata dahlings.

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