Friday, September 14, 2007

Dance Party - 9.14.07

I unintentionally almost had a "blood" theme going for the dance party mix this week... Maybe I will do blood as a Theme Thursday sometime.

Blood On My Hands [mp3] - The Start - "Ciao, Baby" (iTunes). This one's downright 80s sounding.

It's Getting Boring By The Sea [mp3] - Blood Red Shoes (iTunes unavailable). Another great girl-powered rock song.

Jealousy [mp3] - Keoki - "Jealousy" (iTunes). I can never really enjoy techno for an extended period of time but I love this song in all its creepy glory, and my friend Sarah introduced me to Keoki back in middle school, so it's a little nostalgic too.

Magoo [mp3] - The Blakes - "Streets" (iTunes). Another dance rock song. I don't really like the singer's voice, but the song is fun.

Ok, hope everyone has a good weekend. I know mine is going to be a little chaotic. I am going to see Julius C tonight (finally!), so expect a concert review in the near future. Tata dahlings.

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