Sunday, September 9, 2007

Girl Power!

It seems a majority of my favorite musical artists right now are girls, or at least groups with female vocalists. Maybe it's because I'm a girl...? I dunno. Just something I noticed recently, so I thought I'd post some of the awesome girl-powered songs I've been listening to lately (at least, the ones I haven't already posted about):

Stromata [mp3] - Charlotte Martin - "Stromata" (iTunes)

Dirty Mind [mp3] - The Pipettes - "We Are The Pipettes" (iTunes unavailable)

Playgirl [mp3] - Ladytron - "Commodore Rock - EP" (iTunes)

And I Found This Boy
[mp3] - Maia Hirasawa - "Though, I'm Just Me" (iTunes unavailable)

Fall Back [mp3] - Ollabelle - "Riverside Battle Songs" (iTunes)

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