Saturday, August 25, 2007

The love part of my love-hate relationship with Facebook

Only a very quick post today because I am going to After the Jump Fest and I have a friend visiting from out of town today, so I'm just going to post a few songs I found via almost every college student's #1 internet procrastination tool: facebook. There are many times when I have been tempted to get rid of my facebook profile, but one reason I don't is that I've obtained a few pretty good songs via facebook, legally and for free.

Spinning [mp3] - Anne Heaton - "Black Notebook" (iTunes). I discovered this song on facebook's "iLike" app or whatever it's called. Most of the stuff on there isn't so great, but every now and then there's a decent song. I like this song, though I feel like singer Anne Heaton is trying a little too hard.

Struggle [mp3] - Scott Fisher - "Scott Fisher" (iTunes). Also found this song on the "iLike" app. Kinda reminiscent of Ben Folds.

City of Love [mp3] - Persephone's Bees - "Notes from the Underworld" (iTunes). This one I got via the free weekly iTunes playlist promotion that they did through facebook for a while. Again, most of the songs were shit, but every now and then there'd be a gem, like this one.

Ok, that's all for today. Off I go to After the Jump. Tata dahlings.

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