Friday, August 10, 2007

Dance Party - 8.10.07

A few things I'd like to say before I jump to the dance songs for the weekend. Number one, I would like a better name for this blog. So if you have any ideas, let me know. Particularly those of you reading this that know me. Because I would like it to kind of reflect me in some way, as well as having some connection to music and maybe (if possible) film. I'm kind of thinking something along the lines of "Guilt-Free Pleasures" because I like pop culture, and I often refer to it as a "guilty pleasure" because of all my indie friends giving me crap, but I've come to realize that no pleasure should be guilty pleasure and I'm not ashamed of liking popular things. Thoughts would be appreciated.

Number two, I realize I have a lot of trouble putting my thoughts about music into words. I know that might make this semi-stream-of-consciousness blog hard to read, but hopefully you're here more for the music anyway. The thing about music for me is that it's such an internal thing and it's really hard for me to explain (or even know for that matter) what specifically I like about songs. That's why you'll often see me talk about a band's energy and performance if I go to a concert, more than the actual music they play. This is going to sound cheesy, but music has always pulled more at my heart than at my head, so it's hard for me to explain things sometimes. It's more about feelings. So there's a lot of "this song is funny, this song makes me want to dance, this song is haunting" in my blog because it's hard to verbalize those feelings past that kind of vague level.

I think you'll find that I approach this blog more as if I was DJing than if I was writing about music. I post songs that I like that I think are appropriate for whatever the purpose of the entry is and that I think other people will like. It isn't all brand spankin' new or stuff you've never heard before, but it's also stuff that you haven't listened to in a while, or a lesser known song by an artist you already love, or even a really popular song of the moment that I love along with everyone else. And I'm probably one of the most eclectic people you'll find on the internet. Just look at the list of labels on the left and see all the different artists I've posted about in my one month of having this blog My tastes vary in range from Britney Spears to Atmosphere to Simon & Milo to Julius C to The Pierces to The Hard Lessons to Regina Spektor to The Beatles to Mozart. So hopefully, if you read this blog, you appreciate the variety of songs that I post, even if you have already heard of the artists.

Ok, so now for the music. Some dance tunes to get you grooving this weekend:

Alala [mp3] - CSS - "Cansei De Ser Sexy" (iTunes). Because when I wrote about their concert at Studio B on Monday, I had for some reason forgotten how much I love the song Alala and didn't post that one. I think this might actually be my favorite of theirs. Oh, and if you tried downloading Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above from that entry and it didn't work. I apologize. I fixed it, so feel free to go back and get it again.

Defcon [mp3] - Supersystem - "Always Never Again" (iTunes). This song is a frenzy of energy that never lulls.

Creepin' Up the Backstairs [mp3] - The Fratellis - "Costello Music" (iTunes). This song has an old feel to it. Maybe 1940s/50s? Not that I know how to swing dance or jitterbug but I imagine some type of dancing along that line would be fitting for this song. But at the same time, it has an updated rock twist. I'm a fan. In fact, this is rapidly climbing it's way up my list of favorite songs of all time.

And a music video, just for fun (MIA's new Jimmy, originally a Bollywood song apparently)

So there you go. Hope everyone's weekends are off to a great start. Tomorrow I will post a concert review of last night's Celebrate Brooklyn (The Teenage Prayers, The Big Sleep and The Hold Steady), which luckily didn't get rained out. Tata dahlings.

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