Saturday, July 14, 2007

One of those days

It's been "one of those days," so bear with me if my post is even more incoherent than usual. Since I'm too tired to think of an organized theme for the day or one particular artist I really want to highlight, I think I will just post some random songs that I really like at the moment in no particular order. Again, I'm at work so I won't be able to check if these links work until later. My apologies if they don't.

First is The Moment I Said It by Imogen Heap. I know she's become quite the sensation, particularly her song Hide and Seek, but I feel like The Moment I Said It hasn't gotten any acknowledgment (as evidenced by the fact that I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet) and it is my favorite of all of her work (though I must admit I like most of her stuff a great deal) and one of my favorite songs of all time. This song is really dark but so beautiful. About saying things you regret and fighting with you loved one, it's really chilling - especially the part where she kind of re-enacts a fight musically.

Second is Stuck to You by Hellogoodbye. This song is sexy and danceable. While a lot of their music is danceable because they tend to have kind of an electroinca/techno-y sound, this song is not techno-y at all, which is nice. It's actually a pretty decent rock-n-roll song (or as I like to call it, dance rock). And like I said, it's sexy - a quality which their more techno-y songs lack.

Third is Girl Anachronism by The Dresden Dolls. This is another favorite of all time. From their self-titled 2003 album, one of my favorite albums of all time too, this song is a piano frenzy. Amanda Palmer (the singer and piano player) is a genuis. Her piano playing is always so complex it sounds like there's a full orchestra or something. You forget that the band is only piano, vocals and drums (my three favorite instruments). I played piano for 12 years when I was younger, so I love songs with complex piano parts. It is one of my goals to start playing the piano again and learn this song. I bought their piano book, and it is the best song book I've ever bought. It is actually what she plays (as opposed to other piano books which simplify the piano parts a lot for the mainstream) and there is tons of cool extra stuff in it too. Plus there are funny notations on the music about how to play it or the history behind a certain part. I also tend to love songs that require singing/speaking really quickly, so I am definitely predisposed to like this song. But I think it's really very fun and I love the part where the whole song slows down ("just let her crash and burn, she'll learn") and then just kind of stops for a moment and she speaks "the attention just encourages her" in such a perfect, condescending tone.

Ok, I guess that's all for today kids. Sorry for any incoherence. I wanted to post something. I'm trying to post every day. Plus I'm just sitting here at work anyway, so I might as well post something even if it's slightly incoherent. Tata dahlings.

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