Friday, July 27, 2007

Dance Party - 7.27.07

It's Friday! Hooray! (no, actually that means nothing to me because I work tomorrow and the next few days are going to be ca-RA-zy). But I feel like starting different traditions, as this blog is now a few weeks old. So on Fridays, from now on, I will usually (unless I went to a concert or something) post dance music to encourage you to dance your weekend away.

You might recognize this song from the movie "Wayne's World" (shout out to my twin Lisa/Garth!). That's how I recognized it. It's The Ballroom Blitz (mp3) by Sweet. I don't know what album it is originally from, but I have it on the "Best of Sweet" album (iTunes). A silly song, it's fun to sing along too, as well.

Another kind of silly but good dance song with a bit of a rock spice to it is Tick (mp3) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, from the album "Fever to Tell" (iTunes).

Less silly but still keeping with the rock style is That Great Love Sound (mp3) by The Raveonettes, from the album "Chain Gang of Love" (iTunes). Although I can't decide if this song is really that good of a dance song if you don't know it and can't sing/groove along. It's got a fast beat, but it's maybe a little too consistent of a beat to really experiment with your dance moves... I dunno. I like dancing to it at least, so I guess I will post it anyway.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone's weekend starts off fabulously. Tata dahlings.

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