Friday, December 2, 2016

STRFKR at 9:30 Club

It's been a while since I've been to the 9:30 Club, but you can't miss Starfucker, right?

Psychic Twin

The first opener was a duet called Psychic Twin who had great energy, great beats, and just a fun vibe. They were only on stage for 20 minutes, but they were 20 awesome minutes where I didn't sit down!


Gigamesh had some interesting beats and great song samples, all the way from Fleetwood Mac and the Bee Gees to Grouplove, but I think he would be more at home in a Vegas club than in front of a crowd. I did just start a station based on him that I'm using at the gym, and it's perfect there, as well. His energy didn't quite transfer to the crowd, but I'd LOVE to see him DJ a club or party.


These guys know how to put on a show: before this, I didn't know that "dancing in a space suit during a concert" was a viable job plan, but now I have to look into it. These guys came out and gave the show their all for all 25 songs. Not even a third of the way through, they jumped right into Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second, and did not go below 150 BPM after that. Pop Song, German Love, and Bury Us Alive were all better live than their excellent recorded versions, and their cover of Girls Just Want to Have fun is phenomenal. Their three-song encore of Florida, Julius, and While I'm Alive was a perfect end to a show that had us jumping in 9:30 all night long, as Spacemen crowd-surfed and danced all around the stage.

Go see them. Their current tour is almost over, but they're touring all throughout February and March, and you can find their tour dates here.

'Til next time... keep on listening, keep on singing, and keep live music alive.

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