Tuesday, December 13, 2016

EP Review: Wyndham - Double You

Wyndham's new EP can be described as "wow, that's good." Not quite fitting into a single genre of music, the four-song EP goes from mellow acoustic guitar (the wistful "Morning After"), to Black Key's type riffs on the guitar in "Shot Up," to the almost ukulele sounding chords of "Gypsy," and ends on the jazzy "Bad Luck."

However, to talk only about the instrumentals is to sell his lyrics and sound short. Wyndham's breathy voice and smart vocals complement his myriad musical styles perfectly.

He's grown a lot musically since his previous EP, "Made in Voyage." The thing that I'm saddest about is that there are only four songs on this EP, and I look forward to him having a complete album for us to listen to soon!

His EP comes out on December 16, and you can find him at SoundCloud. You can pre-order the EP here: http://www.justwyndham.com

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