Monday, June 22, 2015

Miracles of Modern Science at Comet Ping Pong

On Thursday night, I took a break from AFI Docs and wandered over to Comet Ping Pong to catch Brooklyn orchestral pop group Miracles of Modern Science (aka MOMS). It was a really nice show and I loved the intimacy of Comet Ping Pong as a venue - it totally reminded me of seeing them at intimate venues like Union Hall in Brooklyn.

The band that played before MOMS, Honest Haloway, was a pleasant surprise. They're a DC band! (hark! a DC band I like!) I hadn't checked them out prior to the show and I really enjoyed their set. It was a very danceable mix of electronic and rock (dream pop? shoegaze? I can't keep track of all the dreamy, retro, lo-fi, electronic rock genres anymore!)

MOMS was fabulous. The very first song was a blast from the past for me. They played an old favorite of mine called "Eating Me Alive" that contains what might be one of the best song lyrics of all time ("when I asked my heart, my spleen replied.") They played a lot of new stuff, as well. Their newer music is definitely less comedic for the most part but they don't seem like they're taking themselves too seriously either, which is always refreshing. And boy, it's quite a talented group of string instrumentalists in the group. I love their whimsical string arrangements. They have dates remaining in Chicago, Columbus and Pittsburgh, so go check them out if you're in/near those towns!

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